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If there is any way to save yourself from long queues for regular security-checks and to accelerate through security when traveling by air from US airports, that’s the TSA PreCheck! This independent processing center, operating on the territory of America, is specially designed for all the trusted travelers who would like to avoid the waiting, and to speed up the passage of the checks. This unique program can save you a lot of time when you are traveling. No matter what flight you have booked (international or domestic), the TSA PreCheck program will work for you. It means that you will not have to do the typical for every airport security-check things like: to take off your shoes, to take the laptop out of the bag, or to show your liquid bags.


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TSA PreCheck


How to Apply for a TSA PreCheck?

There are 4 steps you must follow if you want to get a membership in the TSA PreCheck program. They are as follows:

Step 1: Filling-in the application form; as first, you have to download it by clicking on the button “TSA PreCheck Application”.

Step 2: Send the completed TSA PreCheck application form via e-mail to: info@nexus-card.com or fax: 1-313-731-1580

Step 3: Click on the “Payment for TSA PreCheck” button to pay the TTS service fee of $125.99(USD) through CCBill payment system.

Step 4: Upon receipt of your payment and PreCheck application form, your data will be carefully checked for missing or incorrect information and for compliance with TSA requirements, and will be entered into the TSA system for background and security checks. Then, we – from Trusted Traveler Services (TTS), will contact you at the appointed date from the interview, which you booked in your application. Please keep in mind that during your interview you will have to pay the government $85USD fee and after successfully completing your interview, you will receive your KTN number by TSA via U.S. mail within few weeks.


Who can apply for TSA Pre-Check?

Anyone who is an US citizen and is a holder of a permanent residence (Green Card) is able to apply for Pre-Check. The main condition you have to meet before to send your application form is to have no criminal record. Canadian citizens participating in the NEXUS program may also use ТСА PreCheck. The U.S. Armed Forces members are automatically approved for PreCheck, as when making a reservation they must provide their (DoD) identification number.


TSA Pre-Check costs

TSA PreCheck will cost you $125.99(USD) service fee plus $85(USD) government fee for background and security checks. You need to pay the first fee through the above ways to start this process. Once your PreCheck application is submitted, we will then contact you with appointed date for the interview. The government $85USD fee is paid during the interview.


Services Fees Total Cost
Government Application Fee (paid by the applicant) $85.00 (per person)
Our Service Fee (payable through CCBill) $125.99 (per person)
$210.99 (per person)


How to Use a TSA PreCheck?

Known Traveler Number, i.e. KTN is the number you will get from the TSA PreCheck program and you will be able to enjoy the program within five years after successfully completing your interview.

Do not forget to enter your Known Traveler Number into the KTN field, and also use the same name you have used before (when you have applied for the PreCheck or another TTP programs) when booking your flight. When you are already at the airport, and after you have finished the check-in, just continue walking to the Pre-Check Security lane!

Note that all the members of NEXUS, Global Entry or SENTRI are not obligated to apply for Pre-Check, as they will be able to use their membership of (TTP) Trusted Traveler Programs. If you are a member of any of the listed programs, keep in mind that you must enter your membership PASS ID number into the special “Known Traveler Number” (KTN) field. You will have to do this when making a reservation for a flight as well.

We would like to say something really important: not every airport has a PreCheck screening. In this case, you have to use the regular security-checks.


Your Benefits of Using Our Services

When using nexus-card.com, you receive a range of services on highest level that meets the need of every applicant. The application process is performed and monitored by a team of professionals who are informed about the latest news in policies of the government. The application fee is paid by CCBill payment system, which is carefully reviewed and processed afterwards.

Additionally, we support you during the whole process, and if you need more information or so, just contact us anytime you need. We could provide for you more information and details, regarding TSA, as well as guiding you through the application process. We make sure that your application form is filled-in correctly for compliance with CBP requirements.

We will answer to all of your questions and will keep you informed all of the time. If you need advises or something else related to your application, just email us.

Our team is always there for you, ready to help you in any situation!

Please note that we cannot guarantee your TSA PreChek program approval. You may be denied in case you have a criminal record, an immigration violation or you provided false information on your TSA PreChek application form.

If you have any additional questions, please proceed to Nexus FAQ’s page.

In case you wish to apply with the government directly, please click here.

Before purchasing the TSA PreChek service, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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