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Payment for NEXUS Card Renew

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Before you pay the $ 125.99 (USD) service fee, please make sure that you understand that Trusted Traveler Ltd and its website NEXUS-Card.com are not a part of a government agency but a private company; that you have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and you agree with them.

This fee ($125.99) is payable to Trusted Traveler Ltd for reviewing and completing your NEXUS application to CBP. Once your NEXUS application is completed at the TTP system, you will be required to pay the ($50) CBP fee for conducting background and security checks as well.


  • Nexus Card Renewal For Single Applicant: $125.99(USD)
  • Nexus Card Renewal For Two Applicants: $239.38(USD)
  • Nexus Card Renewal For Three Applicants: $352.77(USD)